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Untitled-1 cospyCROWN AND BRIDGE

Porcelain fused to metal crown and bridge restorations bonded to a frame cast from range of alloys that include non precious, semiprecious, precious or even nickel free and palladium free alloys for the sensitive patient.

 All-on-4-implant-research copyIMPLANT PROSTHESES

We fabricate different kinds of prostheses: Fixed cementable or Fixed retrievable in PFM Acrylic Denture, Bar retained or Ball retained and Hybrid Screw retained. Various available implant systems from Frialit 2 to Zimmer, Nobel Biocare

thineers copy


The all-new NO-PREP Thineers are the ultimate in cosmetic dentistry with stunning life like color and natural esthetics, it is simply the finest cosmetic solution. Thineers can be fabricated as thin as 0.3 mm.

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The Empress material is made of an extremely homogeneous leucite-based ceramic, which scatters light like natural enamel and blends in well with its surroundings. Restorations fabricated with the material exhibit.


Aesthecially veneered labially ( Facings ) with a light cured c&b composite material THERMORESIN from GC, Japan. MARYLAND / ROCHETTE BRIDGES : A conservative treatment option for anterior and posterior restorations on carefully selected cases fabricated in a choice of materials.

Moti Zirconia
Custom Abutment
Ti Bar
Ti Pamalo
Products Highlights
  • PFM
  • CAD / CAM Zirconia
  • CAD / CAM Full Cast
  • Empress Esthetic
  • Cast Partial
  • Ti Bar
  • Ti Pamalo
  • Composite
  • PFM
  • Moti Zirconia
  • 3M
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